Human Performance Oil & Gas (HPOG) sets the stage for continuing the discussion across all industry sectors on human factors and how to achieve desired 'step changes' in Human Performance.

HPOG is a collaborative, global, independent industry forum focused on developing common and accessible Human Performance guidance and best practice resources.

Together, through the HPOG Membership and joint industry associations, we will:

  • Gather and distil existing industry materials to create a standardised and universal suite of free-access Human Performance resources;
  • Create an online repository providing free access to guidance, campaign materials, common definitions, training products, practical workplace tools, best practice and much more;
  • Share learnings and successes through regular events and communications;
  • Fund and sustain the organisation through a membership program based on the successes of the global DROPS initiative.

HPOG is now 'live' with a functioning website that remains accessible during its development. By mid-October 2020, HPOG will be launched across all regions in an effort to share recommended practice in pursuit of a standardized approach to Human Performance.


We have all recognised that Human Performance plays an important role in safety expectations and made significant strides in our own corporate initiatives.

We have explored and adopted learnings and best practice from other industry sectors. We have all agreed that opportunities exist to further advance our efforts.

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Collectively, through facilitated discussions within the Well Control Institute (a subsidiary of IADC) and the subsequent IADC Human Performance in Well Control Workshop held in March 2019, the industry has explored the benefits of wide and consistent adoption of recognised Best Practices that integrate Human Performance into operational practices.

In July 2019, the WellsInMind Workgroup was established, launching a pilot website in conjunction
with an online Survey to consolidate industry requirements and aspirations. An inaugural Forum was hosted in Aberdeen in September to introduce the initiative with a number of specialists from a broad cross section of industry actively participating in an interactive workshop.

The output of this workshop delivered a range of themes and topics to be considered and pursued
as Workgroup Activities. Click here to read more.

With opportunities to explore and include broader industry activities and learnings, a more inclusive identity was developed to replace WellsInMind.

HPOG now represents this strategic intent and applicability beyond drilling. A global Steering Committee has been established and a membership program has now been launched to aid further activities.


HPOG is progressing a number of topics, considering all avenues available for improving Human Performance. With your support and collaboration, HPOG can continue to provide visibility to industry needs and Human Performance challenges, identify and refine key learnings and deliver these back in the form of freely accessible awareness, recommendations and practical worksite tools.

The HPOG Steering Committee are currently developing an over-arching document that will set out the basic requirements and minimum recommended practices for integrating and managing Human Performance into existing Company Safety and Business Management Systems.

The framework for this document is the model we follow on this website under HP in your Management System. As each section is completed, HPOG Admin will advise all members and subscribers of each update. We hope you find it both educational and applicable to your activities. 

HPOG seek to explore all examples of guidance, best practice, case studies to feed the process of building consensus for a common, standardized resource. If you have materials and experiences that you can share, or if you can assist with workgroup activities, please contact us at