About HPOG

The purpose of HPOG is to establish a membership funded, global resource of guidance, best practice and accessible worksite tools to further implement Human Performance efforts across the Oil and Gas Industry.

The basic remit is to consider all avenues available for improving Human Performance, distil and identify key learnings and deliver these back into the industry in the form of awareness, best practice, recommendations, lessons and case studies, tools and techniques.

Specific working groups within HPOG develop each key issue to its conclusion as an effective deliverable product in an open and collaborative environment.

The HPOG Global Steering Committee comprises subject matter specialists from a variety of major Oil and Gas Operators, Drilling Contractors, Service Partners and Industry Bodies and provides the governance and strategic direction of the initiative.

HPOG is now 'live' with a functioning website that will grow and develop as new content is made available. 


HPOG is non-profit-making and strives for self-funding status.

The income generated through HPOG Membership fees and the sale of HPOG products and services provides the revenue for administering the initiative and for supporting the development and production of new products and deliverables on an ongoing basis.

Member organisations can also contribute by sponsoring specific products or projects on a voluntary basis. 

To find out more about HPOG Membership, or to register your interest in joining this global industry initiative, please visit our HPOG Membership pages.

All electronic / digital resources accessible through the HPOG resource portal shall be made free to use and distribute, and local/regional events free to attend. As such, all planning, development, production and fulfilment requires financial resource and a registered business enterprise through which this can be managed and monitored.

To provide these resources:

  • Each Global Steering Committee member shall contribute an annual fee of £2500 GBP which includes an Ordinary Membership fee to fund the administration and facilitation of the initiative, and costs associated with development and management of media, products and events.
  • All Ordinary HPOG members shall contribute annually to assist with the funding, administration and facilitation of the initiative, and costs associated with development and management of media, products and events. Click here for more Membership information.
  • Sponsorship funding may be accepted where deemed appropriate by the Global Steering Committee
  • Not-for-profit Organisations can be offered ‘Associate Membership’ at no cost. Small enterprises (employing 10 persons or less) can be offered reduced membership fees, subject to HPOG Global Steering Committee approval.
  • Silverdot Ltd will provide the business, administration and financial management support, providing regular updates on workgroup activities and quarterly financial reports detailing income and expenditure.
  • Through Silverdot Ltd, HPOG can generate additional funds, where deemed appropriate by the Steering Committee, through sales of specialist services, products, event or advertising space etc, subject to any property rights, restrictions, liabilities and insurances.


The HPOG Global Steering Committee:

  • Fosters a collaborative cross-industry approach toward the successful delivery, adoption and use of HPOG resources;
  • Maintains the focus of the initiative on the agreed scope and monitor all factors that are critical to its success;
  • Initiates Workgroup projects, supports development of resource materials and delivers free-to-use tools and materials through the HPOG website;
  • Approves and supports the establishment of Regional Steering Committees, and ensures appropriate controls are in place to monitor all activities.

A Terms of Reference has been approved and provides the basis for the management and operation of all HPOG activities. Click here to find out more about the HPOG Steering Committee.